FAQ: When will registration open? Answer: September 16

FAQ:  I am trying to edit my registration and when I put in my Reference Code it says it does not exist.  Answer: Usually this is because of alpha-numeric confusion for example, 0 and O, 1 and l, B and 8, 5 and S, etc.

FAQ: I am chaperoning and am bringing small children.  Do they have to pay the registration? Answer: 2 years old and up must pay the registration fees.

FAQ: How do I add people to my registration? How do I subtract people from my registration? Answer:  Do not submit a new registration.  On the homepage click on "Edit Your Registration" and enter your RefID from your invoice. 
FAQ:  What if I registered more than I am bringing? Answer: These sessions will fill up prior to the cut-off date.  If you are holding seats that you do not need, the session might show sold out and those who wanted to register will not be able to do so.  You are financially responsible for the ones you registered. 
FAQ:  The cut-off date has passed and I have tickets I do not need or I need tickets that I do not have. Answer:  This happens every year.  The best thing is to communicate your needs on Facebook "CYConline" or on Twitter "CYConline." 

Refund Policy is "No Refunds after December 31"

We cannot honor registrations from outside the Continental United States

After you register please print your registration invoice. 
You will need this information if you need to edit your registration.